About Us

The House of Royalty is a Online Classy Boutique that is not just a store, but a legacy.

I wanted to create a legacy for not only for myself, but for all of the ladies out there that wanted to feel a sense of belonging, who are shy into speaking their minds. The House of Royalty, to me isn't just a simple store, no its a story. A chapter into opening opportunities and creating an impact on women who just want to feel elegant without even having to try for it. 

The House of Royalty is a empowerment store for women who want to feel beautiful, and unique despite anyone else telling them otherwise. I want to break barriers, because “A queen—a queen [is one] who bowed to no one, a queen who had faced them all down and triumphed. A queen who owned her body, her life, her destiny, and never apologized for it.”


So ladies, Welcome to the House of Royalty.